Throughout my working history, media and communication has played a huge role in how the workplace operates. To be able to complete my role successfully I have relied heavily on techniques that Ethnographers use, analysing and paying attention to what is happening around me in order to adapt and conform to the workplace.


Source: The Odyssey Online 


In my current role as an English tutor, it has been integral for me to analyse the behaviours of others as it allows me to formulate the way in which I am going to teach. Each child and their learning style is very different from the other, which therefore has made me more invested in their needs as a client.

The style in which I conduct my job changes from client to client, sometimes I am engaging with online media forms and in other times I am using textbooks and worksheets. As each lesson is vastly different, I rely heavily on my media devices (laptop and phone) to be able to adapt quickly to the situation and provide content to teach.

“The emphases on intensive personal involvement in naturally occurring situations, and on nonquantitative methods, have traditionally been crucial” (Horgan, M 2013). Horgan highlights that is vital for Ethnographers to immerse themselves in what they are studying and to be personally involved. This is reflective of the workplace as not only are you being witness to the data that you are collecting but you are getting a first-hand experience as to why something is occurring.




To be able to collect this information we as Ethnographers must gather “information on the organization, the nature of the work, and employees’ attitudes and behaviour”. By analysing these things we are able to determine what is happening in the workplace and why they are doing it.

This skill is something that will be important not only in my current workplace but also in all the ones that I will have after it. It is crucial to consider the behaviours of those around us in order for us to see how we fit into a situation. Ethnography allows us to feel comfortable and educates us on what our role is within the workplace and how we operate.



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