“Ethnographic methods are a means of tapping local points of view, households and community “funds of knowledge” (Moll & Greenberg, 1990), a means of identifying significant categories of human experience up close and personal” (Genzuk, M 2003).

To begin my research into this topic I am going to start off by gathering and engaging with secondary research into the effect that fans have had on the case because of the TV show. This will allow me to understand more of just how much of an effect that they have had and what changes have been made because of it. I will also research statistics into what the main demographic is of viewers and how people are conversing online to create the fandom.

To accompany any secondary research that I have found, I will also be referring to academic journals that discuss the underpinning ideologies of Ethnography and will use these teachings to better inform myself when conducting my research.

I will also use the methodology of observation to discern what fans are saying on social media platforms about the show and from there try to uncover why they are part of the public sphere. I have found numerous groups on Facebook that I want to join to see what conversation is being had as well as looking at what people are tweeting about the topic. There is also a number of websites that are dedicated to the case that I will reach out to see what content that they are producing.




I would also like to create a survey that entails questions related to why people have become a fan of the show and what are the main reasons that have compelled them to fight to exonerate the two men. By doing this I hope to get an understanding of specifically what it is that these fans are most interested in and whether or not it is the construction of the show that influences their opinions on the situation.

Finally, I would like to conduct some interviews with some of the fans that are conversing on social media platforms and that are advocating for their release. By gathering this primary information I will be able to use secondary resources to form my argument and gain a better understanding of why the show has been so compelling.

I have chosen to research this topic as I would like to know more about fandoms and what it is that creates such a loyal following from individuals. Understanding the behaviours and ways of thinking behind why somebody becomes a fan and the way in which they can be influential in situations is my main aim and I hope through using these methodologies that I can uncover this.


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