Over the past century the world has seen significant changes within the workforce, with the rapid innovation of technology and societal shifts creating a new era of working. The introduction of new forms of technology within the workforce has created new opportunities for businesses and the ability to work remotely from a device.

Source – Personnel Today

The desire of employees to move away from the traditional 9 to 5 hour working day and have more flexibility in their jobs, is more apparent than ever. The innovation of technology has changed the future of work, creating the ability to work remotely, and allowing more flexible working hours.

In this modern age, the flexibility that technology in the workplace allows means that in some circumstances employees can work from the comfort of their homes, work around other jobs and have more time to balance their leisure and personal lives. For parents who want to re-enter the workforce but still want the option to be at home with their children, this new era of work can allow them to have the flexibility to do both.

Source – PR Week

The ability to achieve a better work life balance is more attainable with the introduction of flexibility within the workplace. A study conducted by the Malaysia University of Science and Technology revealed that “flexibility in the workplace gives employees time to perform outside of the work roles and it helps balance employees’ work and life” (Shagvaliyeva, S & Yazdanifard, R 2014). With income playing an integral part in our lives, the ability to be able to balance work with our personal lives can lead to less financial and social pressures.

The flexibility that the role of technology in the workplace can allow, could also lead to better job satisfaction. It can be argued that employees that are more satisfied with their work situation will in return be more motivated in their role. The ability of employees to be able to work remotely could also lead to less workplace conflicts and reduce work related stresses.

Source – Impact

Observing the significant changes that have been made within the workplace over the past few generations, it is evident that the future of work is constantly evolving to meet the needs of both business and employees. For this to be successful it is up to not only the employee, but the business to embrace new societal and financial expectations but to also implement them within the workplace.



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