Leaving Neverland

 DISCLAIMER/TRIGGER WARNING! This blog post discusses sexual abuse against children. This content may not be suitable for everyone. Reader discretion is advised. The emergence of allegations made against celebrities and public figures involving the sexual abuse of children is becoming more prevalent throughout the years. The courage of victims in disclosing the details of the crimes … Continue reading Leaving Neverland


  “Human rights are universal. Cultural, religious and moral practices and beliefs, and social attitudes must not be invoked to justify human rights violations against any group regardless of gender or sexual orientation,” (Kanem, N 2019). The LGBTIQ+ community has faced discrimination for centuries in a range of different forms, oppressing individuals based on their sexual … Continue reading #BoycottBrunei

Just Another Empty Promise

The Washington Post has jumped on the bandwagon of innovative journalism, creating a multimedia platform that tracks the promises made by US President Donald Trump. Journalists Glenn Kessler, Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Leslie Shapiro have spearheaded the project in a bid to track “more than 280 promises” that were made throughout his presidential campaign.  The tracker has been … Continue reading Just Another Empty Promise

The ‘Making a Murderer’ Effect: Method

    “Ethnographic methods are a means of tapping local points of view, households and community "funds of knowledge" (Moll & Greenberg, 1990), a means of identifying significant categories of human experience up close and personal” (Genzuk, M 2003). To begin my research into this topic I am going to start off by gathering and … Continue reading The ‘Making a Murderer’ Effect: Method

The ‘Making a Murderer’ Effect: Background

    “By focusing on the informational dimension, I am attempting to critically examine the capacity of the digital sphere to provide an authentic picture of social reality constituted altogether by online and offline social spheres. Does the social reality presented online mirror offline social circumstances? How valid are the pieces of information retrieved online, … Continue reading The ‘Making a Murderer’ Effect: Background

Ethnography: Collaboration

  “To collaborate means, literally, to work together, especially in an intellectual effort. While collaboration is central to the practice of ethnography, realizing a more deliberate and explicit collaborative ethnography implies resituating collaborative practice at every stage of the ethnographic process, from fieldwork to writing and back again” (Lassiter, L 2005). Luke Eric Lassiter highlights … Continue reading Ethnography: Collaboration

Online Relationships – Club Penguin

    “As learning fluidly moves across multimodal spaces, as represented in the playground of the 21stcentury, the experiences of young children extend across both virtual play worlds and school-yard playgrounds” (Burke, A 2013). As technology has rapidly evolved within the 21stcentury and our networked homes become more advanced, the emergence of online worlds has … Continue reading Online Relationships – Club Penguin

Phone Hacking: Is it Ethical for Journalist’s to Breach our Privacy for a Good Story?

As “more than 3 billion people” have access to the internet, our personal information has never been under such threat. A study conducted by the International Telecommunication Union has highlighted the increasing number of people that are sharing their personal data through the internet, and are therefore making it easier for people to access this … Continue reading Phone Hacking: Is it Ethical for Journalist’s to Breach our Privacy for a Good Story?