The ‘Making a Murderer’ Effect: Background

    “By focusing on the informational dimension, I am attempting to critically examine the capacity of the digital sphere to provide an authentic picture of social reality constituted altogether by online and offline social spheres. Does the social reality presented online mirror offline social circumstances? How valid are the pieces of information retrieved online, … Continue reading The ‘Making a Murderer’ Effect: Background

Ethnography: Collaboration

  “To collaborate means, literally, to work together, especially in an intellectual effort. While collaboration is central to the practice of ethnography, realizing a more deliberate and explicit collaborative ethnography implies resituating collaborative practice at every stage of the ethnographic process, from fieldwork to writing and back again” (Lassiter, L 2005). Luke Eric Lassiter highlights … Continue reading Ethnography: Collaboration

Online Relationships – Club Penguin

    “As learning fluidly moves across multimodal spaces, as represented in the playground of the 21stcentury, the experiences of young children extend across both virtual play worlds and school-yard playgrounds” (Burke, A 2013). As technology has rapidly evolved within the 21stcentury and our networked homes become more advanced, the emergence of online worlds has … Continue reading Online Relationships – Club Penguin