#Girlboss: The Rise of Female Entrepreneurs

How women are changing the game The business landscape is changing with the rise of female entrepreneurs breaking through the traditional stereotypes of women in the workplace. The representation of women in the industry has varied greatly from those of their male counterparts, with women only accounting for a small portion of entrepreneurs. However, statistics … Continue reading #Girlboss: The Rise of Female Entrepreneurs

Ethnography: Collaboration

  “To collaborate means, literally, to work together, especially in an intellectual effort. While collaboration is central to the practice of ethnography, realizing a more deliberate and explicit collaborative ethnography implies resituating collaborative practice at every stage of the ethnographic process, from fieldwork to writing and back again” (Lassiter, L 2005). Luke Eric Lassiter highlights … Continue reading Ethnography: Collaboration

Ethnography in the Workplace

Throughout my working history, media and communication has played a huge role in how the workplace operates. To be able to complete my role successfully I have relied heavily on techniques that Ethnographers use, analysing and paying attention to what is happening around me in order to adapt and conform to the workplace.     … Continue reading Ethnography in the Workplace

Online Relationships – Club Penguin

    “As learning fluidly moves across multimodal spaces, as represented in the playground of the 21stcentury, the experiences of young children extend across both virtual play worlds and school-yard playgrounds” (Burke, A 2013). As technology has rapidly evolved within the 21stcentury and our networked homes become more advanced, the emergence of online worlds has … Continue reading Online Relationships – Club Penguin

Digital Addiction

    As “worldwide, more than two billion people own smartphones”(Campbell, A 2018) the risk to become addicted to our devices has never been greater. With technology continually updating and replacing the way in which we once conducted our lives, it is easy to forget just how much time we really are spending on our devices. … Continue reading Digital Addiction

Phone Hacking: Is it Ethical for Journalist’s to Breach our Privacy for a Good Story?

As “more than 3 billion people” have access to the internet, our personal information has never been under such threat. A study conducted by the International Telecommunication Union has highlighted the increasing number of people that are sharing their personal data through the internet, and are therefore making it easier for people to access this … Continue reading Phone Hacking: Is it Ethical for Journalist’s to Breach our Privacy for a Good Story?

Public Sphere: Facebook

Public spheres are an intrinsic part of the way in which we communicate and more importantly how we access information. It allows us to engage with others and to share opinions on issues facing society. Having a public sphere allows for this process to occur and can act as a mediator on particular issues. When … Continue reading Public Sphere: Facebook

Uniting the Global Village

Globalisation has reshaped the way in which the world has been able to communicate. It has brought the global village together and through technology, has enabled communication beyond face to face contact. The acceleration of globalisation can largely be attributed to this, subsequently allowing for the successful trade between countries, the movement of finances, and … Continue reading Uniting the Global Village